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Business Intelligence Tool

SizeUp Business Intelligence Tool

The Economic Development Council for Island County is providing access to SizeUp’s business intelligence for FREE. SizeUp is big data for small businesses that gives business intelligence and market research to companies so they can make smarter decisions through data.

Use this tool to analyze competitive benchmarks, find customers, suppliers, competitors and where to target your message. Not sure where to start? Check out the tutorial videos on this page

  • Where should I start my own business in Island County? How can I find more customers?
  • Who are my competitors, and how do I perform compared to the them?
  • How do I identify the best places to locate and advertise my business?

These are just a few questions that SizeUp can help you answer. It doesn’t cost anything for you to create and download reports customized to your needs.

Benchmark Performance

Enter your business information and gauges show how much of your competition you are outperforming. Charts and maps show you how you compare to those businesses near you.

Competitive Intelligence

Map your competitors, along with potential buyers and suppliers. Determine areas with many potential customers but little competition.

Advertising Analysis

Assess the market conditions in your area, and identify the best places to advertise.

Demographic Analysis

Interactively map demographic, labor force, and consumer expenditure data for your area. Tailor your analysis to a place, around an address, or a custom boundary.

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