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Why Join Us

By joining EDC, you are investing in the EDC and Island County’s Economic Development. Economic development is the intentional practice of improving a community’s economic well-being and quality of life. It includes a broad-range of activities to attract, create, and retain jobs, and to foster a resilient, pro-growth tax base and an inclusive economy.

The practice of economic development comprises of a collaborative effort involving industry, government and myriad community stakeholders. Through continuing work with local businesses, local and state government, Chambers of Commerce, Main Street associations, and other organizations, EDC helps to address the concerns of infrastructure, housing shortages, and the workforce by leveraging partnerships, networking, grant opportunities, and public input. Because EDC is a non-profit, we are dependent on funding. Member Investors and sponsors enable us to do the important job of economic development. By investing in a Member Investorship to EDC, you too will be helping to actively shape our home

What does your member investment do?

We believe that an investment in EDC and economic development is an investment to better your community. We also understand that making an investment is an important decision for your organization. It reflects your values; enhances your position within the community; and impacts your organization’s future success.  Here are some of the benefits of your investment.

  • Helps EDC provide help in establishing new businesses and supporting existing businesses in Island County.
  • Supports EDC’s research and analyses of general and specific economic conditions within Island County to furnish valuable decision-making information.
  • Aids EDC in supporting entrepreneurs in locating the necessary technical assistance to execute sound business plans.
  • Allows EDC to identify entrepreneurs and assist them in locating financial resources to enable them to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Empowers EDC’s work behind possible new initiatives that can make an important contribution to our community.
  • Fuels EDCs ongoing initiatives, programs and daily operations.
  • Deepens the pool of resources that EDC relies on to help businesses and support partnerships.
  • Connects you to a network of businesses and individuals that live, work, and thrive in our local economy.
  • Gives you visibility via EDC’s website and newsletters.
  • Allows EDC to provide one of the initial contacts made by elected officials as a source of information about our community and economy.
  • Enables EDC to provide useful resources when starting or relocating a business to our county: survey data, statistics, general information on Island County, etc.
  • Allows EDC to better provide technical assistance, financial resource assistance, and education/training opportunities in Island County.
  • Gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion and show support for projects and activities that are important to economic development in Island County.
  • Allow you the opportunity to take an active part in the destiny of the economy, and helping future generations thrive.
  • Your investment better positions EDC to administer federal and state grant programs.
  • Helps market Island County as a place to prosper.

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